Why Pennsylvania International

We're A System Treating You Like No Other

There are many pageant systems out there for you to compete in. You need to choose wisely and make sure you invest your time, talent, and treasure into something worthwhile. At Pennsylvania International, we strive to provide you the best experience possible. From limiting the number of contestants, to providing actual local titles, to the facility in which we hold the pageant, we believe you wont find a better pageant experience in Pennsylvania than the International system.

One of the most common questions we get is "How many girls compete in the pageant?" While it has varied from year to year, you can rest assured that we will never allow more than 15 contestants in each division. Yes, you have no less than a 1 in 15 chance of being the next Miss Teen, Miss, or Mrs. Pennsylvania International. We phone interview and screen the applications of all potential contestants looking for the women that best represent the ideals of our system. The first 15 meeting those standards will compete for the title. We owe you the best group of fellow contestants that we can put together. Girls with heart, compassion, personality, and a genuine desire to part of our extended pageant family.

Another advantage of joining us in the International system is the awarding of local titles. As Miss Teen, Miss, or Mrs "Your Home Town" International, you can be out making appearances and doing good work in your community well ahead of the pageant. Nearly 12 months in advance if you desire. It's much easier to make an appearance, participate in a parade, or work a charity event with your local title as opposed to spending months before the pageant simply being known as "Contestant #47". Apply and confirm your participation early and be out in your community making a difference as one of our local titleholders! Show those judges you are ready for the job of a state titleholder! Find out more about getting the local title here:


We have always felt that the pageant should truly showcase our contestants in the best way possible. In our opinion, one of the best ways to do that is to hold our pageant in a top flight facility. It is our desire to always hold our pageant in a truly professional setting in an atmosphere that is appropriate to the time and effort our contestants have put into getting ready to compete. That means a first rate house crew and production staff. We think we do that very well. We want you to feel special on stage. You've invested in us, we want to invest in you as well.

Lastly, what happens when you are chosen our state titleholder? You are off to the Miss Teen, Miss, or Mrs. International Pageant. Held in late July/early August each year, the International Pageants are truly INTERNATIONAL. You will meet and compete with women from all over the world. You will see the sights. You will compete in a first-class facility in a show produced by one of the best show production companies in the country, Matt Davenport Productions, of Nashville, TN. The national pageant staff will watch over you, answer your questions, provide for all your meals, and provide all the support necessary to ensure you enjoy your week, makes lots of friends, and have the best shot possible to win a national title!